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textHELP! Read & Write Gold 11

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Read&Write 11 GOLD is the ‘one stop solution’ for reading and writing needs, bringing comprehensive literacy support through a unique set of features for the user with literacy or learning difficulties.  It allows pages from a book or magazine to be scanned and read by the computer. It also includes word prediction-as the user is typing Read and Write Gold offers a  predictive list for the next word that it thinks the user wants-a little like predictive text on your mobile phone but infinitely more powerful.

Read&Write 11 GOLD allows users to work in a truly inclusive environment using standard Windows applications. This mainstream compatibility means there is no need to learn a whole new way of creating and editing text, as Read&Write 11 GOLD works seamlessly within Windows applications such as Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer.

Read&Write  GOLD will also read PDF documents!

Read&Write 11 GOLD is a simple to use toolbar that “floats” on top of any open application. Assistance can then easily be called upon as the user works.

      Annual Single User USB  
   - Can be used on any computer -simply plug in the USB drive.
      Annual Single User Download    
      Annual School Site License 1-250 pupils  
   - Primary School
      Annual School Site License 251-500    


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