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IT Mouse Skills

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Using a mouse requires a combination of motor, cognitive and physical skills that can be a considerable challenge.  IT Mouse Skills provides a range of carefully graduated activities for someone who is beginning to use a mouse.

*  Teaches the many applications of the mouse in an entertaining and visually appealing atmosphere.

*  Takes the learner through the applications of the mouse, stage by stage.

*  Move the mouse over an object, drag and drop, drag along a path and practice using drop down menus.

*  Various clicking activities can be found such as clicking anywhere, click timing and double-clicking.

*  Introductions to each activity are provided and the successful completion of a task is met with a pleasing reward.

*  Many games are configurable.  Adjust the difficulty level and change the background for high contrast; ideal for low vision.  Customise the colours and sound effects too.

*  Setups will be remembered when re-starting the program.

Windows/Mac (MacOS 8.6+)

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