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Sherston Home user Mega Deal


This is a three disc set with a huge range of popular Sherston Software titles. It has 30 diffent pieces of software, 10 for each age goup.

Young learner (age 3-5 years)

  1. 123-CD V2 (Literacy)
  2. ABC-CD V2 (Maths)
  3. All Around the House (I.C.T)
  4. Izzy's Island (Basic Skills)
  5. Paddington : First steps in Geography (Geography)
  6. Rainbow Street (Basic Skills and PSHE)
  7. Stripy Tiger and Spotty Shark's Munch Box (I.C.T)
  8. Tizzy's Busy Week (I.C.T)
  9. Tizzy's Toybox V2 (Basic Skills)
  10. Young's MacDonald's Farm (Basic Skills)

For 5-7 year olds

  1. Bucket and Spade (maths)
  2. Flobot (I.C.T)
  3. Magic Grandad: Homes Today and in the Past (History)
  4. Millypedia (I.C.T and refference)
  5. Money Mice (maths)
  6. Science Express- Life Processes and Living Things (science)
  7. Science Express- Physical Processes (Science)
  8. Storycraft 1: Traditional Tales (Literacy)
  9. Teddy Bear's Picnic (I.C.T)
  10. Where in the World is Barney Bear?

For 7-10 year olds

  1. The Broadband Detectives (I.C.T and E-safety)
  2. Map Detectives: Rural Mystery (geography)
  3. Operation Minibeast (Science)
  4. Oxford Reading Tree- Treetops 10 and 11 (Literacy)
  5. Space Station Alert (maths)
  6. Sing your times tables with Percy Parker (Maths)
  7. Storycraft 2: Myths and Legends (Literacy)
  8. Time Detectives: The Victorians (History)
  9. The Crystal Rain Forest V2 (I.C.T)
  10. The Future is Wild (Science)

 These interactive titles will help children to understand and explore different aspect of the world and help them to become intrigued with new ideas and understanding. This disc is exclusively for home use.

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