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Widely used in primary and infant schools throughout the U.K. and many other countries, Lucid CoPS is a pioneering computerised screening system which can accurately predict dyslexia and other learning difficulties in young children. Lucid CoPS is being increasingly used by teachers of children with special needs.

Lucid CoPS is administered to each child in the form of up to 9 games each with attractive graphics and cartoon characters. As the child plays the games the computer records his or her cognitive skills, such as short term memory, phonological awareness, auditory and colour discrimination. The computer accurately records each child's responses and generates a graphical profile of his or her cognitive abilities using standardised norms. Using this profile the teacher can create Individual Educational Plans for children as appropriate. The software can be administered by non-teaching assistants

Zoid's Friends  measures visual sequential memory. The child must try to remember the order and colour of several of Zoid's friends

Zoid's Letters  measures visual sequential memory. The pupil is asked to remember a short sequence of shapes which appear on the screen

Rabbits  assesses visual sequential and spatial memory. A rabbit appears in several burrows - the child must remember which burrows the rabbit appeared and in which order

Rhymes assesses phonological awareness.

The CoPS reports module shows a unique graphical profile of each pupil's performance. Printouts are available at a click of the mouse.

The comprehensive Teachers' Manual contains almost 40 pages of valuable information on how to interpret the profiles. There are several real-life case studies including some of pupils whose first language is not English.

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