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Wordshark 5

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Wordshark is a computer program to help you read and spell. It uses more than 60 specially designed games to teach and to reinforce reading and spelling using over 9,000 pre-recorded words grouped in specially selected word lists. You can also add your own words. The many permutations of games and word lists create both variety and motivation.

The program includes a high quality phonics approach which is available for the majority of the word lists. Different games include blending sounds into words for reading and also segmenting into sounds and syllables for spelling. All common letter patterns and auditory patterns are covered, also spelling rules, syllable work for longer words, homophones, and alphabet and dictionary skills.

The tailored games and structured word lists make Wordshark especially useful for students with dyslexia as well as for general use. The games are excellent for use on an interactive whiteboard. There are also video tutorials, on-screen help for all games, tool tips and teaching notes. Variable speeds and other options meet all levels of skill.


      Single User License    
      Single User Mobile (USB Key)    
      10 User Network  
   - Must be run from a Server
      15 User Network    
      20 User Network    
      30 User Network DVD    


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